They Say Memories Begin To Form After Two Years

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By way of the briefest of introductions, I am a golf enthusiast, as my name might very much suggest.  But in spite of the tragic exclusion of golf from the Olympics until 2016, I will begin my foray into the world of blogging by recounting some of my favorite memories from Vancouver’s Winter Games two years ago.

As 20th century American writer Bill Vaughn put it, “It’s never safe to be nostalgic about something until you are absolutely certain there’s no chance of its coming back.”  And even if the Sochi Committee were to crap the bed in its preparation for 2014, and the games improbably reverted back to Vancouver, I think it’s safe to say that it would be impossible to recreate the magic of 2010.  So, at the perils of over-romanticizing those special 17 days, I will set out now to reminisce about the most memorable moments to me.  As it is now Day 7 of the London Games, I will recount my Top 3 from the first week in Vancouver.  Beginning tomorrow, I will provide a corresponding daily flashback for each remaining day.

NUMBER 3 – A Very Canadian Opening Ceremonies

The image of Steve Nash and his awkward and uncomfortable smile has been burned into my memory forever.  It wouldn’t have been a truly Canadian event without the dose of innocence and humility that the fourth arm malfunction brought, hanging Catriona Le May Doan out to dry and leaving Nancy Greene, Rick Hansen, and Nash feeling equally helpless.

NUMBER 2 – Nesbitt’s Nail-biting Finish

Awkward and uncomfortable are two apt adjectives to describe Christine Nesbitt’s stutter-step finish (1:18 of the video) in the Women’s 1000m long track speed skating final.  The maneuver was good enough to takeover first place by 0.02 seconds and capture Canada’s third gold medal of the games.  Breathtakingly close finishes like this one are so much of why I excitedly tune into the Olympics each campaign.

NUMBER 1 – Home Soil Gold

“And Alex Bilodeau… has done it! HE HAS DONE IT! HE HAS DONE IT!”  There’s not much that can be said that will recapitulate how I felt as I watched Bilodeau and his brother celebrating with unbridled jubilation.  Even my goose bumps had goose bumps.  To me, the first gold for Canada on home turf truly set the tone for the remaining two weeks.


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