The King who yelled // Olympic Wanderings: August 9th, 2012

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So you think Swedes are reserved, coordinated, and hardly prone to disturb others? Wrong. Very, very wrong. Credit Greg Wyshynski on that one.

*Ashton Eaton won the decathlon today – The Independent wrote a fine profile of him before the competition started yesterday.

**Former Canadian rower (and 2008 gold medallist) Adam Kreek tells us how ‘Sport ist Scheisse’ sometimes. A wonderful read about the agony of defeat.

***Like many others, Liu Xiang again failing to finish the hurdles prompted The Age’s Michael Gleeson to recall Derek Redmond’s 1992 lap with his father.

****Does all that training have an impact on female gymnasts entering puberty?

“The evidence is not clear at all,” said Dr. Robert M. Malina, professor emeritus in the department of kinesiology at the University of Texas at Austin.

But not so fast:

But certain studies offered surprising insights. For example, Malina cited a 1980s study from the Netherlands, which found that by age four, most gymnasts were already trailing their peers in height. Gymnasts tend to be shorter than average because they have short parents, not because of over-training, Malina suggested. Furthermore, most gymnasts are the appropriate weight for their height. Aly Raisman, for example, is 5’2” and 115 pounds, with a healthy Body Mass Index of 21.



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