Donald Fehr lays out the NHLPA’s position

13/09/2012 § Leave a comment

A couple tweets that tell us a lot:

Such a position certainly adds credence to what Sean Gordon wrote in the Globe and Mail yesterday:

It’s established fact that a majority of the group of plutocrats who own NHL franchises is financing the effort to get fellow rich guy Mitt Romney into the White House, but there’s a persuasive argument the guy they really want to see in the executive branch is Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

The owners are anything but a homogenous ideological bloc, but at least a few of the voices around the governors’ table subscribe to a stoutly capitalist and virulently anti-union philosophy.

If you see this as a union-busting enterprise, then it should come as a surprise that the owners have come across as completely unbending in their position. From their point of view, they control the capital. The union is asking ‘what are you cutting if we cut our salaries?’ The reply, so far anyway, appears to have been ‘screw you, this is our money.’


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